Grant Information

MCEF Grant Program

The Montgomery County Educational Foundation (MCEF) is pleased to announce the opportunity for teachers, administrators and PTAs/PTOs to apply for grants for the fall of 2017. A typical grant award ranges from $250 up to a maximum of $1,000. Thanks to the continued support of several donors, we can already announce the following sponsored grants:

  • Corning, Inc. Foundation Grant for STEAM Initiatives
  • Phyllis Albritton Grant
  • Wells Fargo Foundation Grant for Mentoring and Afterschool Programs
  • Connie & Mark Froggatt Grant for the Arts
  • Gay & Neel Grant for Community Programs
  • MCPS Employees Grants
  • 100+ Women Who Care NRV Grant
  • Starbucks Grant for Special Education
  • Branch & Associates Grant
  • Raynard Hale Memorial Grant
  • Dr. Jon & Jill Maher Grant

The purpose of this grant program is to provide educational opportunities above and beyond what is available through public funding and to benefit the broad spectrum of Montgomery County Public Schools students, at all ages and all levels of ability. Through its grant program, MCEF wishes to promote innovation and creativity in areas such as technology, enrichment, literacy, professional development, art, music, math, science, career and technical education, physical education, and environmental conservation.

Projects to be Supported

MCEF funded programs should enhance, but not duplicate, the standard public school curriculum. We look for innovative, creative ideas that fall outside the ordinary school budget, yet promise to augment the curricula in a meaningful way. The Foundation encourages projects that demonstrate partnerships among teachers, schools, and disciplines. We will be considering new programs or new components of ongoing programs in this grant cycle. If submitting a new component of an ongoing program, please be specific about what is new and innovative in that component.

Grant Review Criteria

Review of grants will take the following into consideration:

  1. Does the project provide educational opportunities above and beyond what is available through public funding?
  2. Does the project benefit a broad spectrum of students, at all ages and all levels of ability?
  3. Does the project incorporate innovative, creative ideas that fall outside the ordinary school curriculum?
  4. Does the project demonstrate a partnership between teachers, schools, and/or disciplines?
  5. Is the project sustainable without a significant annual investment?

The Grant Scoring Rubric used to evaluate all grants is provided with the Grant Application Instructions.

Grantee Obligations

MCEF grant funds must be used for the purposes detailed in the application and during the project’s stated time schedule. By accepting an MCEF grant, the grantee agrees to the following obligations of the grant:

  1. The applicant and his/her Principal must ensure that the project complies with all appropriate Montgomery County Public Schools goals and policies prior to submission of the application.

  2. The applicant assumes responsibility for all liabilities associated with the program/project.

  3. All items purchased or created with MCEF grant funds will remain the property of Montgomery County Public Schools. This includes all evaluation and measurement reports associated with a program/project.

  4. The applicant will provide MCEF with an End-of-Project Report summarizing project results no later than one year from the date the grant check is issued. This report should include at least 2-3 paragraphs summarizing how the project met its goals, as well as pictures that may be used for promotional purposes by MCEF. If students or other minors are included in these pictures, the applicant must obtain the proper parental permission and/or media release and include those permission forms with the final report. Failure to submit the final report will make the applicant ineligible for future MCEF grants until the final report is submitted. Copies of the Grant End-of-Project Report and Student Media Permission forms are provided with the Grant Application Instructions.

  5. In addition to the End-of-Project Report, a tri-fold display summarizing the goals and results of the project may be requested at the MCEF Board’s discretion for presentation at MCEF events. Your attendance at one MCEF event annually may also be requested.

A copy of the Grant Acceptance Form that every grantee and their Principal must sign is provided with the Grant Application Instructions.

Application Submission Instructions

  1. Download the Grant Application Form Word document and edit it in Microsoft Word. Complete the form by typing directly into the form fields, or by creating and formatting the text in a separate Word document and pasting the formatted text into the application form fields. Add space as needed.

  2. Convert the final version of the application to a PDF file.

  3. Attach an unsigned version of the PDF file to an email and send to, or share the file as a Google PDF with the MCEF Google account no later than October 9, 2017. Please title your document file with your first initial, last name, school abbreviation and brief project title. Example: "J Smith AES Technology Kits.pdf". 

  4. Mail a signed hard copy of the Grant Application Form and any attachments (e.g. samples, research, or additional information that supports your request) no later than October 9, 2017. Hard copies may be sent directly to the new MCEF mailbox at the School Board Office thru the MCPS internal mail system, "the pony", or mailed using the postal service. If sent through MCPS internal mail, send to "MCEF" at "SBO". If mailed through the postal service, the hard copy submission must be postmarked by October 9, 2017 and addressed to:

    Montgomery County Educational Foundation
    750 Imperial St.
    Christiansburg, VA 24073

  5. Mail or email a copy of the Grant Application Form to Laura Williams, MCPS Grant Writer, SBO,, no later than October 9, 2017.

Please contact us at or (540) 315-2156 with questions related to completing the application or the submission process.

Application Review Timeline

Montgomery County Public Schools Policy requires that all grant submissions be presented to and approved by the School Board during regular session prior to being considered by the MCEF. For additional information on this process or for grant preparation assistance, please contact Laura Williams, MCPS Grant Writer, by email at or by phone at (540) 382-5100 x1028.

Completed applications will be reviewed by a Grant Review Committee of MCEF board members and advisors. This committee will meet in October to review each proposal, prioritize, and form a recommendation for funding to the MCEF Board of Directors. A copy of the scoring rubric used by the Committee is included in the Grant Application Instructions.

The Board of Directors will vote on fall 2017 grants at its November board meeting. All applicants will be notified by email no later than November 24, 2017, pending School Board approval, and grant checks will be issued at the Grant Awards Reception on Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 4:30 pm at the Blacksburg Country Club Banquet Room. The primary applicant (or their representative) and their Principal should plan to attend the reception to receive their check. Unfortunately, the MCEF cannot accommodate additional guests.