2017 Poetry & Creative Writing Contest Results

Image by Gizmodo.com

Image by Gizmodo.com

High School Category (Grades 9-12)

1st Place - Melanie Fleischer, CHS 10th Grade, "The Boy I Met 23 Years Ago"
2nd Place - Karly Custer, CHS 11th Grade, "Gold Over Chrome"
3rd Place - Audrey Jones, CHS 10th Grade, "I Hope"

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Middle School Category (Grades 6-8)

1st Place - Trevor Smith, BMS 8th Grade, "The Von Neumann Machine"
2nd Place - Karen Villanueva, BMS 7th Grade, "In Twenty Years"
3rd Place - Skyler Mawby, BMS 7th Grade, "In 20 Years"
Honorable Mention - Kolby Brown, CMS 8th Grade, "A Colorful Jewel" & Ulysses Gabriele, BMS 7th Grade, "The Year 2037"

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Elementary Category (Grades 4-5)

1st Place - Ryan Zhao, GLES 5th Grade, "A Dream In the Future"
2nd Place - Sriya Sridhar, GLES 5th Grade, "The Bright Future"
3rd Place - Annabel de Souza, KES 4th Grade, "20 Years Later"
Honorable Mention - Abigail Hewitt, CES 4th Grade, "Future Inventions" & Jian Kim, KES 5th Grade, "2037: What Will Happen"

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Primary Category (Grades 2-3)

1st Place - Alexa Rascher, GLES 3rd Grade, "True Love"
2nd Place - Eila Tauzell, KES 2nd Grade, "When I Grow Up"
3rd Place - Abigail Massie, AES 2nd Grade, "Into the Future"
Honorable Mention - Kyla Venteicher, CES 3rd Grade, "In 20 Years" & Sepehr Agah, GLES 3rd Grade, "Life In 20 Years"

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In 20 Years...

2017 MCEF Poetry & Creative Writing Contest

Futurists believe the next 20 years will make the last 20 years look like nothing really happened. What do you think? How will our world, our lives, and ourselves be different in 20 years

Those were the questions to be answered in the 2017 MCEF Poetry & Creative Writing Contest.

Prizes were awarded in each of the following categories:
High School – Grades 9-12
Elementary – Grades 4-5
Middle School – Grades 6-8
Primary – Grades 2-3 

1st Place - Apple iPad Mini, 16GB, Wi-Fi with Retina Display
2nd Place - $50 Gift Card
3rd Place - $25 Gift Card

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