About MCEF

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The Montgomery County Educational Foundation is a public foundation committed to supporting the public schools in Montgomery County, VA. We believe that the people who know what our schools need are the ones who are in the system, and we provide grants to teachers, students, staff, and school organizations based on a grant proposal review process. Funds are available for all grade levels — preK through 12th.

We support our schools by supplementing their funding as well as by providing funds in areas outside the scope of existing funding.

Examples of potential funding areas include extra materials for teachers, after-school programs for students, and teacher development programs.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Montgomery County Educational Foundation is to provide financial support to enable students, teachers, and administrators to discover, advance, and enhance educational opportunities. An investment in our schools is an investment in this community and the development of productive global citizens. The Foundation's goals include:

  • Provide opportunities beyond the scope of available public resources in preschool through 12th grade.

  • Provide resources for creativity and innovative programs and materials.

  • Strengthen educational leadership to improve student achievement.

  • Seek and develop avenues for businesses, individuals, and organizations to contribute to MCPS.

Our Vision

The Montgomery County Educational Foundation is dedicated to engaging the community and providing sustainable funding to broaden the educational opportunities for all students by empowering educators and encouraging innovation.