2018 Creative Writing & Poetry Contest Results

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High School Category (Grades 9-12)

1st Place - Sebastian Kocz, BHS 11th Grade, "Hope"
2nd Place - Jenna Massey, BHS 10th Grade, "My Dream"
3rd Place - Erin Hansbrough, BHS 11th Grade, "A Dream"
Honorable Mention - Elliot Shadle, BHS 9th Grade, "Dreams of Jupiter" & Ulysses Forte, BHS 11th Grade, "The Den"

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Middle School Category (Grades 6-8)

1st Place - Zoe Zimmerman, BMS 7th Grade, "If Dreams Were Silver Birds"
2nd Place - Rose Cook, BMS 7th Grade, "Synchronized Fantasies"
3rd Place - Sam Woolsey, BMS 7th Grade, "A Temptcurious Train of Thought"
Honorable Mention - Lindsay Santos, BMS 7th Grade, "This Dream of Mine"

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Elementary Category (Grades 4-5)

1st Place - Abigail Hewitt, CES 5th Grade, "I Have a Dream, In the Spotlight"
2nd Place - Emma Harvey, PFES 5th Grade, "I Wish They Could See the Music in Their Eyes"
3rd Place - Trent Hollandsworth, AES 5th Grade, "Olympic Dreams"
Honorable Mention - Naisha Hudait, GLES 4th Grade, "I Have a Dream" & Téa Bissell, KES 5th Grade, "I Have a Dream"

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Primary Category (Grades 2-3)

1st Place - Heidi Swartzwelder, MBES 3rd Grade, "Peace"
2nd Place - Aron Wang, KES 2nd Grade, "I Have Big Dreams"
3rd Place - Isabella Albert, FBES 2nd Grade, "I Have a Dream"
Honorable Mention - Lucas Sawyers, CES 3rd Grade, "I Have a Dream to be a Proc Soccer Player"

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I Have a Dream...

Prizes were awarded in each of the following categories:
High School – Grades 9-12
Elementary – Grades 4-5
Middle School – Grades 6-8
Primary – Grades 2-3 

1st Place - Apple iPad Mini, 16GB, Wi-Fi with Retina Display
2nd Place - $50 Gift Card
3rd Place - $25 Gift Card

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