2019 Creative Writing & Poetry Contest Results

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High School Category (Grades 9-12)

1st Place - Karah McClafferty, BHS 9th Grade, “The Life of Time”
2nd Place - Crista Ramsey, BHS 12th Grade, “A Little Dash of This”
3rd Place - Skyler Mawby, BHS 9th Grade, “Our Next Giant Leap”

Middle School Category (Grades 6-8)

1st Place - Kailin Phillips, AMS 7th Grade, “The Journey”
2nd Place - Kaleigh Brein, SMS 7th Grade, “New Space”
3rd Place - McKinley Owczarski, BMS 6th Grade, “Giant Leap in Space”
Honorable Mention - Emma Harvey, BMS 6th Grade, “Destination”, & Edric Zhang, BMS 8th Grade, “A Giant Leap”

Elementary Category (Grades 4-5)

1st Place - Jennifer Pertchik, HAES 5th Grade, “The Raging Planet”
2nd Place - Miles Johnson, PFES 5th Grade, “Excerpt from Summoner’s Bane”
3rd Place - Ione Donoso, PFES 5th Grade, “One Small Step”

Primary Category (Grades 2-3)

1st Place - Aron Wang, KES 3rd Grade, “Our Next Giant Leap”
2nd Place - Malia Buckwalter, AES 3rd Grade, “Apollo 50”
3rd Place - Emily Katz, KES 2nd Grade, “The Ocean Explorers”
Honorable Mention - Sadie Zhang, KES 3rd Grade, “A Perfect World”