2016 Poetry Contest Results

Montgomery County Educational Foundation

2016 Poetry Contest

This year's theme was "Animals Add Life."

Prizes were be awarded in each of the following categories:
High School - Grades 9-12 Elementary - Grades 4-5
Middle School - Grades 6-8 Primary - Grades 2-3

1st Place - Apple iPad Mini 16GB Wi-Fi with Retina Display
2nd Place - $50 Gift Card 3rd Place - $25 Gift Card

Prizes were be awarded and winning entries were displayed at the MCEF Wizards vs. Mortals Basketball Game May 6, 2016 @ 7:00 PM, Christiansburg High School.

High School Category (Grades 9-12)
1st - "Two Heroes" by Bethany Hsiao, 9th Grade
2nd - "A Little Sparrow's Sonnet" by Olympia Ghosh, 9th Grade
3rd - "Morning Song" by Vera Villanueva, 12th Grade
Honorable Mention - "A Girl's Best Friend" by Rachel Pauli, 12th Grade, "All The Things You Taught Me" by Alexandra Barrett, 9th Grade
Download the winning High School poetry entries

Middle School Category (Grades 6-8)
1st - "Who Are We?" by Brenan Poff, 6th Grade
2nd - "Fido" by Elliot Shadle, 7th Grade
3rd - "The World's Most Precious Prize" by Cara Couch, 6th Grade
Honorable Mention - "A Girl's Best Friend" by Melissa Meng, 8th Grade, "Animals Add Life" by Ella Hopkins, 6th Grade
Download the winning Middle School poetry entries

Elementary Category (Grades 4-5)
1st - "To Add Life" by Zoe Zimmerman, 5th Grade
2nd - "Spirit Animals" by Jazmyn White, 5th Grade
3rd - "Midnight Howl" by Norah Guillot, 5th Grade
Honorable Mention - "Animals Add Life To Me" by Leah Rockwell, 5th Grade, "Cooled and Free" by Noah Davis, 4th Grade
Download the winning Elementary poetry entries

Primary Category (Grades 2-3)
1st - "Animal Senses" by Ruby Warnick, 3rd Grade
2nd - "Animal Ways" by Ahona Sarder, 3rd Grade
3rd - "The Way Animals Are" by Aheli Sarder, 3rd Grade
Honorable Mention - "Joyful Creatures" by Isabelle Petry, 3rd Grade, "My Cat, Gus" by Jack Hanowski, 3rd Grade
Download the winning Primary poetry entries